The PBR Newsletter was a document that I worked on for nearly 3 months. The newsletter for PBR Hawaii, a landscape architecture firm, was supposed to be released biannually to clients and shareholders. However, when I came onboard, the last newsletter had been released over 5 years prior. It was a one page, two-sided black-and-white document printed on colored paper. The newsletter I created was an 8-page spread with foldout, full color, on glossy paper. It was an achievement, but it had to be done from scratch. The basic layout and all the articles were created by myself, and then the final copy was created by the graphics design department.

PBR Newsletter: "PBR Celebrates 35 Years"

PBR HAWAII, like all good ventures, began as a vision. In this case, it was a vision of one of the company's founders, Frank Brandt. Brandt sought to serve the community and Hawaii's future through a landscape architecture and land planning company instilled with the spirit of aloha and ohana.

Brandt began his professional career in 1967 on his home island of Maui, and in 1970, founded PBR HAWAII with mainland partners, Bill Phillips and Russ Reddick. Over the years, PBR HAWAII would grow to be one of the largest landscape architecture and land planning firms in the state.

Today, the PBR HAWAII principals include Tom Witten, Stan Duncan, Russell Chung, Vincent Shigekuni, and Grant Murakami. Together they have a combined 98 years of experience providing planning and landscape architectural services. The staff of over forty typically handles more than 250 projects annually, ranging in scale from intimate gardens to large scale land assessments and community master plans. Throughout this journey, PBR has never lost sight of the original vision and mission:

"To serve our clients with planning and landscape architectural services of exceptional quality and value."