I created website content for the Humanities Scholars Program webpage during its latest redesign. I had the opportunity to work directly with the web designer, Anne Jackson, and the program director, Dr. Tim Haggerty, during the creation of the site. Through this process I gained great experience working to meet different stakeholders' needs throughout the development process.

Humanities Scholars Program

The Humanities Scholars Program is a rigorous, four-year interdisciplinary program open by invitation to H&SS applicants. Besides taking seminars throughout their undergraduate careers, the students live together and create a vibrant community of scholars. "It's a great way to make friends, especially your first year, to live near the people you're in classes with," said a junior in the program. After the first year, students can elect to remain in the residential cluster, move to other residences on campus, or live off-campus. Students who remain in the HSP residence act as mentors for incoming students, helping them succeed in the classroom and at Carnegie Mellon.

The program offers an unparalleled undergraduate experience to our scholars. Our humanities programs offer scholarship and research opportunities, with faculty members who are themselves outstanding scholars in their respective fields. The program exemplifies the humanities at Carnegie Mellon—namely, interdisciplinary research in a technologically rich environment, with an open and forward-thinking stance towards the arts and the sciences.

The program fosters a sense of community and bolsters a shared intellectual curiosity among the scholars. They help design activities that can correspond to classroom activities or wider research interests, and these activities can occur as social floor programs, house-wide lectures and presentations, or as events open to the entire campus community.